Confirming that the members of the AMEDEE and MinErAL* networks recognize and adhere to the respective objectives of the two networks:

The AMEDEE network and the MinErAL Network signed an agreement to:

  • -contribute intellectually to their respective work and share their expertise within the two networks.
  • -share and disseminate the results of the partner network within their respective networks.


*The Knowledge Network on Mining Encounters and Indigenous Sustainable Livelihood (MinErAL) brings together partners and researchers from Northern Canada, Fennoscandia, Australia and New Caledonia. The research focuses on meetings between Aboriginal communities and mines. It provides a forum for Aboriginal organizations, researchers, and local and regional governments to exchange and share knowledge and generate new knowledge to inform decision-making.

The objectives of the network are:

Create a knowledge network on the impacts of mining and extraction on Aboriginal lifestyles and the mechanisms to be developed to mitigate negative impacts;

Enable Aboriginal governments and organizations to share information and experiences on these topics;

Serve as a forum where researchers can share their research results with Aboriginal and government organizations;

Support current and future research on such topics;

Develop comparative analyses on the impact of mining activities on the recognition of Aboriginal rights and Aboriginal self-government;

Improve the capacity of local and regional governments, communities and Aboriginal organizations to maximize benefits and minimize negative impacts of resource development;

Contribute to the training of graduate students and Aboriginal researchers.