lstmParis, 20 December 2017.
The transfer and innovation platform of the LSTM is dedicated to the development of ecological engineering tools focused on the management and/or control of microbial biofertilizers to improve plant growth in degraded environments and reduce the use of fertilizers or synthetic pesticides in the context of sustainable management of tropical and Mediterranean soils.

It is aimed primarily at companies specializing in the development of high-end, clean, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to (i) improve the quality and/or yield of plant production and/or (ii) restore degraded environments (e.g. mining sites). In this context, it offers a range of scientific and technical expertise and shared resources to control the selection, production, formulation, use and tracing of inocula of soil microorganisms known to promote plant growth, as well as a wide range of services to develop a set of cultivation strategies adapted to user demand and respecting the rules of sustainable soil management.

Its ambitions are based on the scientific and technical skills making up the UMR LSTM (International Scientific Recognition in the study and enhancement of symbioses in tropical and Mediterranean environments), namely:

  • Know-how for the selection and qualification of high-performance biofertilizers (e.g. Rhizobia, mycorrhizal fungi)
  • A large network of scientific collaborations with the countries of the South and the North
  • Shared testing and certification facilities for the products obtained