The goal of the International Joint Laboratory (IJL) MINERWA (Responsible Mines in West Africa) is to contribute, through research, to the understanding of the distribution of mineral resources in Ivory Coast, as well as to their exploration and responsible exploitation, i.e. with debated and controlled societal and environmental impacts.

The MINERWA Laboratory combines 2 main structures (INP-HB and UFHB) and 1 associated structure in Ivory Coast (U-Man) as well as two main IRD laboratories in France (GET and PRODIG), and 2 associated IRD laboratories (HSM and ESPACE-DEV). The IJL is designed as a support to the African Centre of Excellence for Mining and Mining Environment (CEA MEM), housed at INP-HB, whose vocation is to become a reference centre for Ivory Coast and West Africa (World Bank financing 2015 - 2023).

Alphonse YAO (INP-HB), David BARATOUX (GET), Ernest Kouassi AHOUSSI (UFR STRM) (UFHB), Géraud MAGRIN (PRODIG) constitute the steering committee.