AMEDEE (Mining, Environment, Development, Economy, Ethics) is an international collaborative R&D platform whose goal is to promote responsible mining in subtropical and intertropical areas in partnership.

AMEDEE brings together multidisciplinary, multi-institutional and multi-sectoral research/action/innovation/training projects and offers a digital space for South-South-North dialogue, knowledge and information sharing.

The overall objective of our platform is to contribute through research, to develop a responsible and ethical mining activity, well informed, measured, oriented towards the principles of a virtuous circular economy, within the overall framework of the objectives of sustainable development (2030 ODD Agenda)

AMEDEE is built around the following objectives:

  • To strengthen and share knowledge and R&D data (knowledge economy) in the field of sustainable primary mining (research capacity building, training and innovation)
  • To improve best practices through the development of innovative technologies (exploration, enhancement, restoration, monitoring)
  • To promote responsible environmental, societal and economic principles such as corporate social responsibility, environmental studies before and after mining projects (including the measurement of ecosystem services), consideration of positive and negative externalities, prior information and consent of the populations and stakeholders involved, reduction and remediation of societal and environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of mining projects.
  • To contribute expertise to support public policy
  • To encourage stakeholders to share equitably in the wealth generated from the use of unsustainable substances, to develop a co-valorization of regional ecosystems and their biodiversity for a sustainable and diversified economic development of the countries where these resources are extracted, while respecting the populations and their culture.
  • Reduce the negative impacts of mining activity by (bio)recovering mining waste, including CO2 emissions
  • To sensitize the actors to the valorization of secondary deposits (recovery of metals by recycling of manufactured products, or by unconventional method such as agromining).