Mining And Mineral Trade in Sudan Research Group (MineTS)


Raphaëlle Chevrillon-Guibert (IRD, UMR PRODIG)

As in many other Sahelian countries, Sudan’s non-oil mineral resources started in recent years to become of macroeconomic importance, most of all after the separation of South Sudan in 2011, when they became a source of compensation for oil revenues lost to the new state. This was all the more important as oil revenues had been an essential part of Sudan’s budget, and, amidst a parallel surge in artisanal mining, there was an attempt to increase significantly foreign and domestic investment in the industrial mining sector. This development is connected to a wide range of dynamics that this JEAI seeks to investigate through an interdisciplinary approach to political economy: how this development generates new conflicts and rekindles old ones and how those political and socio-economic transformations redefine state-society and core-periphery relationships. The project will initially examine new arrangements of accumulation through mining and mineral trade in Sudan, and their impact on elites’ transformation. The team will analyse how people evolve in this new economic context, their new interests, new ways of coping and new opportunities. A second part will study the grammar of domination and the subjection of agency at play in local governance at mines, transportation routes and distribution points (shops, markets, wholesale). A third element of the project will analyse how ethical notions of wealth redistribution and social responsibility influence how profit from mining and mineral trade is made. It will examine the existing linkages between land access and usage (including environmental health) and contracts or other permissive arrangements to extract mineral resources, in particular how conditions of labor (including wages and occupational health) are linked to trade networks with dynamics of inclusion/exclusion and profit margins.

Research category
Main disciplines
Human Geography, Political Science, Economic and Political Anthropology, Political Economy
Main topics
Keywords : Extractive activities; Natural resource access and distribution; Conflicts; Political economy; Political ecology; Sudan/Sahel Research Thematics : 1. Relations between societies and environment (Access to resources) 2. Development, social an
Reasearch team
  • Raphaëlle CHEVRILLON-GUIBERT, chargée de recherche sociologie politique, IRD
Public academic partners
Centre for Peace and Development Studies, University of Bahri (to be confirmed); Centre d’étude et de documentation économique, juridique et sociale (UMIFRE- USR CEDEJ)
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Non spécifié
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en cours. pas de durée définie

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